God, I hate the new Free People catalog. I hate the faux-cigarette burns or whatever those are on the cover. I hate that there are illustrations of clothes inside. I hate that the weathered, worn, clothes that you'd find on the floor at the Salvation Army often cost over $100. I hate some other stuff, too: Seethe with me, after the jump.

What's ennui selling for these days? Well, when it comes in the form of a cotton/polyester "girlfriend jersey" that seems like it ought to be free as a hand-me-down from your cousin, the answer is $128.

The studded vintage combat boots are $388, which just seems ridiculous, but I guess people want their shoes broken in for them. The "Arizona Eagle" necklace and the "Alaska Eagle" necklace are both "imported." Haha.

I don't know, I just can't get with these "artsy" printed T-shirts at $78 each. I can't decide if they are more hideous when illustrated or when worn with suspenders. I mean $158 bridle leather braces. Sorry.

All of these bags, which look like yard sale rejects, are over $150.

Ugh. Katie Holmes! See what ye hath wrought? I'm sure some of you are psyched about this boyfriend jean trend but I predict bad things for myself and the large-thighed like me.

Dress, $128; belt,$128, splattered dots on the page that make me think of germs and toxic mold: Priceless.

Okay, so remember the boat on dry land trend? Finally, someone's up the creek without a paddle.

I love Chucks. I have lots of Chucks. But when Chucks are sold "vintage" and "studded" and for $168, they're over, right? Right? Free People [Official Site] Earlier: Summer At 'Free People': Crafty Crocheted Crap, At Twice The Price Of Thrift Stores! Free People: Hideous Iron-Curtain Nostalgia Will Set You Back A Few Rubles Free People, August 2007: Luxuriating Lolitas and $400 Shoes Free People: Someone Watched The Darjeeling Limited Before Booking This Photo Shoot Urban Outfitters, Free People & Anthropologie: What's The Difference?