On Friday a "gonzo porn" director named "Max Hardcore" was sentenced to 46 months in prison on obscenity charges. Some are arguing that this is a violation of the 1st amendment, but blogger Susannah Breslin has a more nuanced take. "In Max Hardcore movies—"Anal Agony," "Hardcore Schoolgirls," "Max! Don't Fuck Up My Mommy!"—women are verbally and physically degraded in an unprecedented myriad of ways...Most of the time, Little as Hardcore is the perpetrator of these acts…Watching Little's work is less like watching a porn movie than it is akin to witnessing a vivisection…if you're going to posit Paul 'Max Hardcore' Little as the latest victim of the Bush administration, if you're going to lament one more strike against your First Amendment rights, you should bear witness as to what a porn star drenched in vomit looks like." [Reverse Cowgirl]