The 15th Annual 15th annual Women In Hollywood Tribute, hosted by Elle Magazine, took place last night at the Four Seasons Hotel in L.A. I'll just give it to you straight: It was a wild ride. The highs were high, the lows were low, and the breakdown was shocking. Halle Berry looked bad. Yet Anne Hathaway looked good! Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale and Eva Mendes were all wild cards. Seriously, my heart was in my mouth from image to image. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly — after the jump!

The Good:

It is with great pleasure that I announce Kerry Washington's return to the "Goods."

Katharine McPhee's apple green is one of the evening's highlights.

How pretty is Perrey Reeves' diaphanous number?

Amber Tamblyn looks sophisticated and awesome but still plenty young. Plus, her dad played Gideon Pontipee, let's talk turkey.

Wow. Loses the shady boy, establishes herself as a serious actress, looks good on the red carpet! Nice work, Anne.

Kate Beckinsale may pull this look a lot, but there's a reason!

Courteney Cox looks effortless. That said, I really hate that asinine "reverse psychology" voting ad of Leonardo DiCaprio's that she's in.

Angie Harmon reminds us she's stunning.

The Bad:

I literally can't think of anything complimentary to say about Halle Berry's ensemble.

I dithered over whether to liken this to a 19th century men's nightshirt, goth Lolitas, or misguided mod — and the fact that these things are all in reference to the same outfit is in itself disquieting.

Nicole Kidman looking creepy is, sadly, no longer worthy of comment.

Um...what the hell?

Krysten Ritter's outfit reminds me of a 19th century tutu. And yet I don't like it.

Melora Hardin's dress has some good ideas behind it. I'm trying to sound like an encouraging professor, here.

Jenna Dewan: go to jail, go directly to jail.

The Ugly:

If you insist upon wearing a little boy's bellhop uniform like Catherine, you know what? Don't do that.

Like Heather Thomas, I often think that little touch my outfit needs is a cherry red fur chubby.

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