We just realized there was a Top Model Cycle 10 "Family Reunion" on Tyra yesterday. (It's actually the reason that Amis neé Amy was in NYC and was able to film an installment of Pot Psychology. She and Lauren came over after they were done taping this episode of Tyra.) Anyway, in the clip above, Tyra discusses what she's looking for when casting the show (personality over looks), and Whitney talks about how she feels being called "plus size" when she's probably like a size 8 or 10. More after the jump, including some gossip from the taping that I got from Amis/Amy and Lauren.So, the girls told me that Whitney got her own dressing room, separate from the rest of the cast. There was a sign on her door that said "Whitney and Baxter (dog)." So they were thinking that she had this little lap dog thing, but then Whitney came out with this plus size dog:

Claire brought out her husband and daughter, who's also a model. She's fucking adorable. She kept smiling and pointing at the cameras.

Then Tyra told this story about how, when she was working in Europe and living with other models, some model woke her up in the middle of the night and accused her of stealing her alarm clock. This is not the first time I've heard this story. She also told it during the cycle when Bre accused Nicole of stealing her granola bar or whatever the fuck it was. Notice how bored the girls look when she's telling the story? They were actually bored in general throughout this episode. I think because Tyra did all the talking, and didn't ask them that many questions. Take a look:

When we were hanging out with Amy and Lauren, Rich and I wanted to know what it was like when Tyra and the Jays would do their weird performance art/freak out things in front of them (like in this season when they kind of reenacted a butchered version of Snow White, with Miss J as the wicked witch, Mr. Jay as some kind of prince, and Tyra eating an apple that she slobbered all over herself). We were like, "Did you just burst out laughing at them?" Amy said that they didn't because they were kind of afraid that they'd get in trouble if they did. I bet they would've too! Earlier: Top Model Alums Give Advice On Sex (Animal And Otherwise)