There are certain cliches we all need to cling to for our own sanity. One of these is legendary French chic. So imagine my shock then when I got a look at the images from last night's party for legendary lensman Patrick Demarchelier and discovered a cache of French fashionistas looking, quite frankly, comme ass. And it wasn't just les Francaises: Milla Jovovich? Oh dear. Naomi Campbell? No. Lenny Kravitz? Don't ask. As I find myself saying more and more often in these troubled times, thank the good Lord for Dita Von Teese. Les bonnes, les mauvaises, les affroyantes, apres le jump!

The Good

Who knew I could be so glad to see a miniature top hat?

Sure. Nothing wrong with a basic ensemble like Estelle Lefebure's.

Model Jessica Stam is young, lovely enough to totally rock this.
The Bad:

So many ugly things in Frederique Bel's outfit, so little time.

Hey, don't ask me. I have no insight into the inner workings of Naomi Campbell's mind.

I don't like to toss around the term "Nazi ringmaster in a David Lynch film," but if the shoe fits...sorry, Chantal Thomas.

Look. We all know we could dispense with pants if we wanted. That doesn't mean it's advisable.

And we thought Katie Holmes had defined the denim nadir! Meet Elodie Bouchez .

A 15-year-old punk and a 15-year-old dandy are in a fight to the death. The battleground: the hide of Lenny Kravitz.

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