Ah, September. When the carefree days of summer give way to the pencils, notebooks and chalkboards of school. And is there any more lasting memory from those days than the Official School Portrait? This installment of Past Fashion was wildly popular: More than one hundred of you submitted photos. So many shining faces, full of hope, innocence, curiosity — and in some cases, contempt! Looking through the pictures submitted, a few things stood out: A lot of people cut their own bangs. Many young ladies had very "interesting" clothing choices, from the fun (t-shirt with Snoopy playing tennis) to the professional (pink blazer with shoulder pads). After the jump, you'll see: Giant glasses, missing teeth, messy hair, neon laser backgrounds and plenty of pigtails. Oh, and one "tiny gay sailor." Hurry, before the bell rings!(Click on any image to begin gallery view)

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