We sort of thought Vanity Fair had been around since, like, 1913, but whatevs! Last night in Milan they celebrated "Fab 5: 5 Years of Vanity Fair, 5 Decades At Hollywood" held at the Triennale Design Museum. And I gotta say, kids, after a few days of dismal film premieres, a big dose of Italian high fashion was just what Dr. S. ordered (hey, it's honorary). Not that everyone was Italian; you had your Mischa Bartons and your Rhiannas as well as your Monica Belluccis and (yay!) Anna Piaggis. This being Italy, even the bads are kind of high-fashiony and deliberately exciting. Thrill with me to the good, the bad, the molto ugly โ€” after the jump!

The Good:

Yeah, the ferns on Rihanna's gown are a little trippy, but it's super-cool.

Joely Richardson's plunging gown is pure glam-ah. No, no idea who I'm imitating.


Isn't this what you'd wear if you were a gorgeous young Italian fashionista like Eva Riccobono? Me too.


Monica Bellucci takes the responsibility of being incredibly beautiful really seriously. Why mess with the time-honored bombshell formula?
The Bad:

I was so ready to give Mischa a pass here! But the shoes! The shoes!!!


Alessandra Facchinetti, Valentino creative director's getup, is more "fashion bad" than, like VMA-bad. But there's still a kitchen sink-load going on here.

Hmm. Fabric tumors are rarely attractive additions to gowns, Valeria Solarino.
The Anna Piaggi:


Nuff said. The Ugly:


Yes, it's supposed to look like this. Delfina Delettrez Fendi.

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