Pat Field's collection for HSN kind of makes your friend Sadie want to cry. It's just such a brazen cash-in on the dreams of young girls who should not be further encouraged to base their lives on the actions of a group of underwritten fictional characters. Yeah, you'll see pretty literal representations of all your fave SATC looks, and in a few weeks, legions of equally literal Carrie lookalikes determinedly trotting down the street clutching a Cosmo. The dresses average around $100, but, weirdly, you can buy them on installment. Because glam types like Carrie always spend beyond their means! Some of the pieces are genuinely cool - especially the accessories - but there are a lot of outfits that looked ludicrous even on SJP, and the transition to reality is not kind. A selection with commentary, by clicking on the picture at left.(Click on any image to begin gallery)