People are manufacturing great excitement about the reunion of Diane Lane and Richard Gere for Nicholas Sparks' latest high budget Lifetimey three-hanky second-shot-at-love fest, Nights in Rodanthe. To the extent the premiere says anything about the film, well, let's just say last night's red carpet at NYC's Ziegfeld Theatre had us thinking more "illegal download" than Fandango. Think equal parts boring, depressing, and awful, with - thank goodness - a dash of Christopher Meloni to make it all okay. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly - after this tearful jump.

I have a soft spot for Diane Lane for the convoluted reason that my parents met at a screening for A Little Romance. She had the list, he was on the list, the rest is, amongst other things, Sadie and her skinny hipster bro. BUT! This is one classy little number.

Peyton and Spencer List are too cute, right? Let's ignore the fact that they're child actors and the horrors in store for them. Hopefully they'll be like that kid from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory who just decides he hates acting and wants to be a dairy farmer. (BTW, thanks, E!)

I'm a sucker for disco fab like Viola Davis'. Especially when it looks like molten metal!

Apropos of nothing save that I didn't want everybody yelling at me when they heard Chris Meloni was here and I didn't show him! I think he plays Diane's douchey estranged husband to whom Richard presents a sensitive contrast.
The Bad:

I have a bad feeling that people like Hannah Storm think animal prints are "classic." Only to the extend they won't die. Fake prints, I mean. Not that we want people wearing real ones, either.

Carey "Mrs. Richard Gere" Lowell's dress is obscenely low-cut.

In case you needed more evidence.
The Ugly:

Coco, however, makes Carey Lowell look positively demure! Yesterday a friend suggested I put together a hilight reel of the best "Uglies." Might do this for Halloween...

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