This month's Elle features an interview with Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell, in which we learn this charming anecdote: Once, during Bushnell's habitually "shitfaced" NYC party girl days in the 1980s, the author's friend was "chatting with Bushnell at a party on a high-floor terrace, when Bushnell almost daintily turned her head, vomited to the ground below, and then resumed the conversation as though nothing had happened." Ha! What a perfect metaphor for this month's issue! Reading the October Elle feels just like being trapped at a coke-fueled party in the late '80s, surrounded by neon leopard print, punky zippers and chains, obnoxious floral prints, and of course, ruffles. But which part spurs the inevitable boot and rally? The 700th profile to describe J.Lo as "superwoman?" The anti-aging article that encourages women in their 20s to inject various toxins into their neck and under-eye area? After the jump, check out our version of Elle's cover and decide which part most makes you want to hurl.