The Czech Republic may not have Dancing With the Stars, but the country has fallen for a group of ten full-figured grandmothers, aged 57 to 72, who make up the "Mazoretky", or Majorettes of Horni Lhota. The amateur dancers perform a flirtatious French can can while dressed in fringe-trimmed bloomers with bills tucked into their black fishnets. The group has struck a chord in the former Eastern bloc state, where standard of living for growing elderly population is declining. The women say their mission is to "laugh and make people laugh" as demonstrated by their habit of wearing adult diapers under their tutus for their rendition of "Swan Lake." "We would be too bored if we only took care of our husbands, our grandchildren and our homes," said 64-year old dancer Jarmila, whose spouse thinks she is "completely crazy, at my age, to dance in public in such outfits." [Breitbart]