So far, the Woman Alive library - a series of early 1970s books for women - haven't been as service-y as they've promised, since they're a little closer to the For Dummies titles. However, I figured that How to Decorate Without Going Broke just had to have some useful info, and failing that, at least some photos of retro inspiration. So get ready, because we're about to go deep into the trenches of the shag carpeting that is '70s decor.When I opened the cover and saw that the first image was this chick getting wasted and weirdly fucking around with her kitten and a pair of scissors while her man did all the grunt work, I knew this book had me at "What's happening?"

As I suspected, this volume of Woman Alive was a lot like the others in the series in that it doesn't give you that much practical information beyond "Have you heard about wallpaper!?" However, there was this chart, which explains everything you always wanted to know about carpeting, but never bothered to ask, since we all prefer hardwood floors these days.

Here's a bunch of weird, impractical furniture that doesn't even have a store credit so that you can go out and buy it, should you desire that Real World living experience.

This, however, I find incredibly practical for my lifestyle, since I work from home and never have to go anywhere. If I had a situation like this, I wouldn't even have to do my daily grind commute from my bed to my couch. I could just roll over.

Here are some more looks that the reader is never told how to achieve. I want to live in this second photo.

I'm not really into this room, but I'm totally digging the couple who lives in it. Look at them! They are getting loose. No shoes, no sobriety, no problem.

I never knew how into decorative doors I was until reading this book. The molding on all of these was glued on. There you go for a tip.

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