Yesterday on Tyra, the show had a Sex and the City theme — replete with TyTy in a stupid "Carrie Bradshaw" inspired hat — and the focus was on New York City women's sex lives. (NYC women have an average of 18 sex partners, while women in the rest of the country have an average of 9.) Tyra is big into numbers. Remember when she had her audience members wear their body weight on their chests? And that other time she made them wear their ages on their chests? Well, for this episode, she made a group of girls put their sex partner number on disco balls. Then she played a game with the girls called "Holla and Hell's No" in which Tyra made a "sexy statement" (e.g. "I own a personal massager") and the girls had to answer "holla" or "hell's no" to it. Play along at home! Clip above.