The new catalog from Anthropologie is called "Adorned" because it features accessories: Belts, bags, boots, shoes, wraps, jewelry. But in addition to models, the company used canines and children in some of the photo shoots, making it mighty tough to concentrate on the expensive accoutrements. If you like shoes, cute kids and fuzzy puppies, this might be the best catalog ever. The shopping mayhem begins after the jump!

Okay, seriously. There is no doubt that the bag is gorgeous, but I can hardly focus on it because I'm all, OMG puppy!!! Oh, are there shoes on this page? I didn't notice. And that is saying something. Convertible tote, $228; well-bred mary-janes, $368.

Puppy! And the bag is adorable, too. Chintz leather duffel, $188.

What we have here is a situation in which I am going to purposely ignore the hideous shoes and focus on the flowing locks of the Afghan hounds instead. Pretty! Best-in-show boots, $318; ruffle row peep-toes, $138.

You're supposed to be looking at the belt, the bag and the shoes, not the children! But it's tough not to want to play in a treehouse in herringbone trousers now. Sigh. Treehouse belt, $128; quilted corona bag, $448.

Well, shit. When Beyoncé had little girls wearing grown-up clothes I was annoyed; this picture just makes me go, "squee!" This girl is badass and I want to read her blog. Flowering vine necklace, $58.

Dear silver shoes: Will you be mine? Cherry-picked boots, $228; mercurial mary-janes, $128.

El oh el.

I might want all catalogs to have kids and dogs now.

Even though I consider Mrs. Roper to be one of my style icons, I have issues with jewelry like this. Bulbous baubles are ethereal on some people, but this necklace would make me look like a deranged mental patient. Also, if it looks like 75¢, it ought to cost 75¢. Pearl menagerie necklace (glass, cotton, lucite, wood, brass), $68.

Oh, are we wearing blush on our temples now? I did not receive that memo. Anthropologie [Official Site]