I don't know if it's because it was an anniversary year; I don't know if it's because of the recent financial crises and Hollywood is rallying to raise our spirits; I don't know if the stars were just aligned at L.A.'s Nokia Theatre. Whatever the reason, the Emmy Awards last night had one solid red carpet, from great to satisfyingly awful. Think lots of brights, plenty of glamour, a dash of wtf? and, yes, Phoebe Price. In other words, exactly what we need on a Monday morning. Laugh with me, cry with me, try to ignore Jimmy Kimmel's awful pre-show with me...after the jump!

The Good:

Never seen Cynthia Nixon look better than in this cool, clean sea green number.

Mary-Louise Parker channels total bombshell in cerulean.

It's rad to see Tina Fey owning it on the red carpet.

Jennifer Carpenter's gown shouts "red carpet" in a very satisfying fashion.

Yeah, Brooke Shields' gown verges on Barbie, but she pulls it off.

Felicity Huffman is so buff! And her dress is lovely.

America Ferrera's been really working it lately. She looks adorable in New Look.

Teri Hatcher does brights like nobody's business.

Of course this shouldn't work. But of course it does on Padma Lakshmi.

Rose Byrne's folds and dainty 20s jewelry is one of my fave looks.

Yay! Jenna Fischer sheds the specter of Pam Beasley and looks genuinely lovely in this goddessy number!

Chandra "Miranda Bailey" Wilson looks great out of scrubs.

Designers were at it tooth and nail to dress Heidi Klum. Seeing her in Armani, we can see why.

It's hard to get behind SVU, as the plots get increasingly lurid and exploitative. And yet, Mariska Hargitay looks so good in this sunny yellow!

Olivia Wilde looks like a dainty little princess.

I love how Debra Messing has this second career of just being really well-dressed on the red carpet.
The Bad:

Eva Longoria-Parker looks like a present. But not one you want. One that you're pretty sure is from your grandmother and full of elaborately-wrapped potpourri.

On the one hand, Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks fab. On the other, she's wearing a tangerine-colored vinyl bodice.

The sequined claws advancing on Kyra Sedgwick's bosom make me uncomfortable.

Why is Glenn Close wearing sunglasses?

Taraji P. Henson's silhouette looks pretty. Until you realize she's wearing some kind of cheetah-print over-corset.

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks much older/more Mattel-like than she needs to.

Vanessa Williams' gown reminds me of doll clothes where the scale of the print is just way off.

Why do Kathy Griffin's dresses frequently look so stiff and uncomfortable? Weird.

Kat Kramer is a public figure who was previously unknown to me before I started doing this column, and realized that she apparently makes a career of going to red carpets representing Barbies d'une certaine age.

Mindy Kaling is so friggin cute, why is she doing mature grande dame?

In its own way, Kate Linder's getup is obviously the most awesome thing I've ever seen.

It seems to be all the rage amongst stylists like Steven Cojocaru to look as ludicrous as possible at all times.

I daresay Sandra Oh's gown, possibly made of strawberry pint containers, is very intellectually engaging. Color me a philistine.
The Ugly:

Phoebe Price does it again! It's like, no matter how wide the field, how stiff the competition, she emerges victorious! She's taking it all the way to the Oscars, baby.

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