Last night, young Hollywood paid what was probably its first and last visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for Teen Vogue's Annual Young Hollywood Party. The Disney crew was out in full force: Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez, plus Rumer Willis (obvs), Lost's Emilie de Ravin, Emma Roberts, and a Jonas Brothers' concert worth of starlets. The clothes? Let's just say, more "Teen" than "Vogue." The Good, The Bad, & The Real Ugly - after the jump!

The Good:

Emilie de Ravin's cute, flirty frock looks effortless.

I've given up on the whole "white after Labor Day" thing. O tempores, o mores! I like Katie Gill's Swan Lake confection, even if with the hair it does skew a little Sugar Plum Fairy to mix my ballets.

I mean, I guess in L.A. a dress like Alexa Vega's is kinda weather-appropriate long as you're playing tennis.

And yet, wouldn't you think that would be all the more reason to force seasonal differentiation by all the arts at man's disposal? How do we feel about the bandage dress, by the way? I mean, it looks good on Zelda Williams, don't get me wrong. But it kind of always looks the same and that bothers me.

Miranda Cosgrove's lame was one of the few more experimental pieces at this event; I think it is fun and wearable.
The Bad:

So as we all know, Selena Gomez is being pushed as the new, more wholesome Miley. Which I guess is why she's in this Baby Jane-meets-Minnie-Mouse ensemble.

There is talk of Rumer Willis being a new style icon. I have yet to see convincing proof of this.

Hm. Methinks Kay Panabaker and Selena share a stylist. And that stylist is the Walt Disney Company.

In case you didn't understand, Jennifer Lawrence is a goddess.

Hm. Depression-era hobo meets...Forever21? Amy Paffrath 's figure is stunning, but, my dear, this doesn't shout 'elegance.'

Vanessa Hudgens also seems to be chafing at the Disney mold. In case you couldn't guess, I don't like the shoes.

Bar Rafaeli embodying two wrongs not making a right.

I love Emma Roberts, but this turtleneck-moccasins combo isn't much fun for anyone.
The Ugly:

Model Erin Wasson seems to have forsaken the homeless of Venice Beach and turned to the ladies of the evening of Santa Monica Boulevard as her new style muses.

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