It's hard to know how to feel about Rachel Bilson. On the one hand, she seems to be a completely terrible actress who was in The Last Kiss. And yet, we all admire her style unquestioningly, to the point where it kind of seemed totally logical when she announced she was starting a clothing line. She certainly always looks cute on the red carpet - but is that because she's genetically blessed and dolly-sized, or because she has some amazing knack that can be passed along to us mere mortals for the cost of a pair of stretchy jeans? Well, FabSugar has been kind enough to help us figure this out, bringing us a preview of the ingenue's collaboration with DKNY. My friend Bevin, the Joan Holloway of Brooklyn, provided council. Click on the picture at left to see the gallery. [FabSugar](Click on any image to begin gallery)