Everybody looked so happy at the preview party for Ugly Betty's third season last night, where the cast - America Ferrera, Ana Ortiz, Vanessa Williams - and various guest stars like LiLo and Mr. Jay gathered at NYC's Highbar to celebrate the new season. Yeah, everyone looked kind of ridiculous, but they also all kind of looked awesome. And the show's so campy that the parade of jumpsuits and cougar costumes kind of just made sense. The good - the bad - the Jay Manuel - after the jump.

The Good:

On the one hand, America's dress reminds one slightly of upholstery chintz. On the other, this retro silhouette is nice on her figure.

Clothing on lower half: check. Hair inching towards reddish: check. This is all very good progress. And the dress is actually cute!

Loving how Vanessa Williams is just embracing some kind of unabashed Orange County Trophy Wife-turned-cougar aesthetic.

Judith Light, of course, has been rocking this look for years. Extra points for the bold stance.

The strapless jersey jumpsuit has maybe five more seconds to go before it's consigned to that chaotic "sale" room in Forever21, but Ana Ortiz looks so comfy and jolly I just can't begrudge anyone the trend.
The Bad:

Even had the royal we not made our displeasure for this absurdly grotesque trend in shodding widely known, Becki Newton's electric number and studded clutch would have earned our disapprobation.
The Ugly:

On the one hand, Mr. Jay Manuel always looks like this. On the other, he always looks awful. Even if according to The Tudors, fitted leather doublets were essentially required in the 16th century at all times that people weren't naked.

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