Twenty-seven year-old Leanne hails from Yuba City, California, although she was born and raised in Portland. She's a graduate of FIDM in San Francisco and calls her line "Leanimal." When she walked out onto the runway this morning at Bryant Park, it was clear that the crowd loved her: She received a warm round of applause; and people were clapping as her garments came down the catwalk, as well. Her collection — almost entirely in blue and cream — is really in a different league. It's structured, yet ethereal; dreamy, but defined; whimsical yet wearable. She toys with ideas and shapes and repeats themes but twists them so that each piece is completely different, fresh and new. And, in a word: Gorgeous. You know you want to see for yourself! The show starts after the jump.

Photography by Alex Wright. (Click on any image to begin gallery)