As everyone knows, the best action at Fashion Week doesn't happen on the runway. So we bring you a GBU from yesterday's tents! It's hard to say exactly what the dress code is for fashion shows, since some people wear cocktail dresses at 9 am. What's not hard to say is that some fashionistas look like total ass, which, it's true, might be a dress code memo I didn't get. And it's gotta be hard to figure out who you're going to wear when you're hitting several high-profile shows in a day, so you have to feel for them. Tinsley Mortimer, Jada Pinkett Smith, Aubrey O'Day, Joy Bryant, and some seriously awesome dandies - after the jump!

The Good:

Christy Romano sports pretty much the platonic ideal of LBD.

Jada Pinkett Smith has some fun with her Zac Posen, clearly. Why not?

Olivia Chantecaille always does "wealthy socialite" perfectly.

I have a major weakness for ridiculous dandies like Prince William III.

Also, fops and exquisites like Patrick McDonald.
The Bad:

I don't know what shoes Kelly Killoren Bensimon was wearing, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that they don't redeem this look.

Bernadette Peters, you leave me no choice but to quote Tyra Banks: shiny fabrics are not your friend.

Again, I'm hazy on the dress code rules, but I'm guessing Julie Macklowe's outfit doesn't conform to them.

The Tinz's dress is just fine. But I have made my displeasure with this senseless trend in shoes widely known, so I take this as a personal affront.

I wonder if Rachel Zoe styled this look. Because Joy Bryant doesn't shut it down here. At Medieval Times? Maybe.
The Ugly:

As a designer, I wonder how you feel about a "tribute" like Aubrey O'Day's.