What is it about men and hair? Women are always the ones said to be washing, dying, fixing, cutting and obsessing over their tresses, but some guys can be very attached to their locks — dating back to Samson. And why is it that some guys will, completely unapologetically, rock the worst hair ever seen by human eyes? And act proud of it? Radar has a list of fashion-industry men with "fancy locks," including designer Alexander Wang and Vogue editor Hamish Bowles. But they've got nothing on the dudes rounded up on WOW Report (from a NSFW blog called Fey Friends) in their post, "Inexcusable Hairdos on the Nude Dudes of Playgirl". See men with contemptible coifs of yesteryear — as well as hideous hair of today — after the jump.
1. The Feather Duster

Is it a mullet? Is it (shudder) a shag? Wait til you see this angle:

Didn't Alyssa Milano have this same 'do on Who's The Boss? Thanks to Fey Friends, you can see this guy naked. NSFW, obviously.
2. The Fabio

There's not enough Pantene Pro-V in the world to fix those split ends. Only a pair of scissors can cure what ails this gentleman. (You can see this guy naked too. NSFW.)
3. The Dorothy Hamill

Fey Friends calls this one the Kate Jackson, but it's clearly a Dorothy. This shaggy look is actually making a comeback, on teenage Disney Channel stars and that one guy on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing. Be afraid.
4. The Soul Glo

A Jheri curl on steroids! The faux commercial from Coming To America was so solidly based in reality it almost wasn't funny.
5. The Lace-Front Man-Weave

John Travolta has one. So does Brendan Fraser. Lord only knows what is up with Nicolas Cage's hair these days.

Oh! Here's a close up of Revolta:

6. The Long-Ass Combover

Joe Biden's hair-plug and comb-over combo is a desperate attempt for you to listen to his words and not look at his scalp. Why are some guys so afraid of going bald? It doesn't sap your strength! Ask James Carville.
7. The Silver Scrub Brush

Jay Manuel is the only one who knows what the hell this is all about.
8. The Electric Shock Treatment Therapy

This is the dude, yes, dude from Tokio Hotel. I hate to sound like my mom but: Kids today are crazy.
Want to nominate a dude with wretched hair? Feel free to post pix in the comments!
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[Celebrity images via AP.]