Last year, the New York Times ran a spectacularly obnoxious Styles piece about being "downgraded" by economic necessity from big-name designers to "minor talents." One fashionista writes, "Last summer I had to buy a dress for an engagement party, and I actually bought a Milly - a Milly. Four years ago, I would have sawed off my left pinky toe before considering such a purchase." Ever since, I've felt protective of Michelle Smith's line, and its pretty, 60s-inspired clothes. Yeah, maybe she's not setting the world on fire with Spring 09; maybe early-60s tailoring is done to a turn and boho chic's been pretty much beaten into the ground by Tory Burch, but the clothes on the Milly runway, if not exactly barrier-breaking, are frequently pretty, good for lots of bodies, and things I'd be happy to wear - if I could "upgrade" to them, that is. What say you?(Click on any image to begin gallery)