Kids! As I may have mentioned, I am somewhat disillusioned by fashion week parties. But last night, out of pure love, I attended the opening party for AmericanPHOTO's "first ever fashion issue" and, more to the point, Nigel Barker's fashion photos, "Moon Warriors." The party (co-hosted by Elle) was at Bloomingdale's SoHo (which was still open when we got there, allowing me to purchase a MAC eyeshadow in "Jest.") I couldn't get anyone to go with me, so my boyfriend came. I was also in work clothes and shlepping around a computer all night, but at least I was sporting my (new) signature glasses chain! What follows were a couple of Housewives, much humiliation, some LU biscuits and a lot of waiting on line. Our adventure, after the jump!

The party was on the fourth floor, but there was a backup and they only let up ten people at a time. This is the second floor.

This is pretty much all there was to eat: petits ecoliers, the biscuits with chocolate schoolboys on them. There were also some cinnamon-dusted cubes of congealed, deep-fried macaroni and cheese, but these disappeared too quickly to photograph.

A Moon Warrior! The photographs were displayed around the floor. They were all shot in moonlight.

The venue: Juniors.

I don't do well in big crowds.

With Real Housewife of New York City Alex McCord. She is the one from Brooklyn. I really had to pee by this time and my big bags were really heavy! Sorry to whine.

Nigel Barker was really nice, even though it took us two tries to get the shot and I said something strange about 'burdening him further.' It took me over an hour to work up the nerve to ask for the pic. Oh, and wanna look even more unphotogenic? Stand next to an insanely handsome former model.

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