The October "Young Hollywood" issue of Teen Vogue has loads of stars inside — eyebrow-wielding coverboy Zac Efron, Leighton Meester, Kat Dennings, etc. But if you're paging through the back of the magazine, you'll find a couple of giant, extremely disturbing diet-related quotes, which ultimately lead to a story about a "new" eating disorder. The first pull quote:

"I can't help but look down on my friends when they give in to temptations like pizza or ice cream." Uh, beg your pardon? And! Across the page, another quote:

"I refuse to put anything poisonous—like processed foods—in my body. I'll stay this way forever." Pretty extreme for a teen magazine, no? If you flip back a page, you'll discover that these are not diet tips, per se, but quotes from real girls in a story about orthorexia. Orthorexia is a fixation on healthy eating, which Tara Gidus, National Spokesperson For the American Dietetic Association tells Teen Vogue: "It's not quite an eating disorder, but it is a form of disordered eating." Phew! As long as it's not an actual eating disorder, then we can promote it, right? Wait! Gidus goes on to say: "It could easily lead to bulimia if you binge on unhealthy food and feel like you need to get rid of it. And the rigid nature of the disease could also lead to anorexia." Good to know! True, the magazine isn't outright suggesting readers try orthorexia, but here's the picture that appears in the photo shoot immediately preceding the orthorexia story:

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