You could certainly argue that the fashions on view at New York's Fashion Week right now aren't all Sublime. But no one - no one! - could claim that what walked down the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet last night at Hollywood's Paramount Pictures Studios was not Ridiculous. Yeah, you expect the VMAs to bring it, grotesqueness-wise, but even given their own high standards, they outdid themselves. Katy Perry (left) kissed a girl, wore a bathing suit; Christina Aguilera cleared up any misconceptions about her taste level; several gents channeled Professor Harold Hill, and anyone who could show breasts, did - especially when they could do so in booties! The Good, the Really Bad, the Seriously Ugly - after the jump.

The Good:

Ciara's classic lame sheath is truly glam. The hair? Confusing.

The "maternity effect" is when customarily suspect red carpet attendees magically look 100% better once pregnant. See: Ashlee Simpson!

Taylor Swift's frock is slightly "SATC-intro" but she looks adorable.

Seeing as it's the VMAs, and seeing as it's Pink, this pirate-stripe gown is just fun.

Yes, Kristen Stewart's hair is slightly jacked. But the little sweater dress is cute!
The Bad:

Christina Aguilera's all, 'don't worry, I haven't really gotten classy and responsible! I'm still here!'

See, you wouldn't think Heidi Montag's monstrous shoes could look any worse...

And then you see them with Keri Hilson's um, "ensemble."

If there is an excuse for Steven 'Kojo' Cojocaru's Tom Wolfe look, he forgot the note.

LiLo seems to forget, again, that she is a beautiful young girl.

Rihanna channels 1985 gladiator.

Tila Tequila's job interview look.

Ashley Tisdale's spangled number looks labor-intensive, sparkly, ugly.

In Nicky Hilton's defense, the shoes are inoffensive.

It is hard to see breasts publicly maltreated, as Audrina Partridge does here.

The proportions of Miss USA Tara Connor's dress are seriously unflattering. At least her shoes are beautiful. (I kid!)

What Lady Victoria Hervey's dress lacks in beauty, it makes up for with everything else in the world.
The Ugly:

Why yes, that IS Perez Hilton in an ill-fitting three-piece check suit!

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