For those of us who love George Cukor's original campfest, the remake of The Women is such a total travesty that it goes against the grain to admit that anything about it is less than awful. And yet, honesty compels me to admit that the cast assembled last night - Meg Ryan, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith, Debi Mazar, Eva Mendes et al - looked pretty darn good. It wasn't all roses; the director, for her sins, looked pretty meh, and Tara Reid was there. But you know what? This farce has so little to do with the original, I won't even pay it the compliment of calling it a remake. To keep our sanity, let's just think of this as another crappy ensemble comedy with a surprisingly good red carpet. The Good, the Bad, the Women - after the jump!

The Good:

Okay, the print may verge on "cow" but this retro silhouette looks amazing on Eva Mendes.

This is how objective I am being: Meg Ryan looks elegant. When did I develop such animosity towards Meg Ryan, anyway? When did we all? Yet, our dislike is implacable.

Debra Messing's frock has a lot going on, but she pulls it off.

I love how everyone's rocking these Mad Men shapes! Debi Mazar's print is in danger of giving me a seizure, but she's got the presence to work it.

Celeste Holm gets a permanent spot in "Good" for her turn in All About Eve.
Special Award:

Don't actually love Lucy Schwartz s outfit, but it's totally age-appropriate, which is a rarity in this day and age!
The Bad:

Jada rarely departs from the figure-hugging sheath, which admittedly looks rad on her. The beading on this one? Not so much. Also I can't stop thinking about how labor-intensive that beading must have been, and it makes me sad that I don't like it.

I have no compunction sticking Diane English's claret-colored frump in the "Bad" after she had the hubris to direct this movie. Yeah, I know: I haven't seen it. But I don't like her outfit.

Kat Kramer is a red-carpet fixture, a sort of really dowdy Phoebe Price whose actual mode of employment is unclear.

If understated elegance is not Erica Hubbard's goal, then, well, she's achieved...not doing that.

Uh oh! Someone forgot her pants!

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