So I've been thinking long and hard about the whole fast fashion thing: as we all know, it's not all good. But as we also know, it's an economic necessity for a lot of us, especially in the current climate. One of the things that's worst about fast fashion, of course, is its disposability. So the trick, of course, is to buy stuff - even if it's cheap - that we don't want to throw out. In other words, not just buy fun, trendy stuff, but "invest" in things like the new Jonathan Saunders line from Go! for Target, out in October. Cause the British designer's got some gems in there - if you shop carefully. (And even if he does use that really young-looking model who always freaks me out in the Lyell look book.) Accordingly, I've rated all of Saunders' pieces on the criteria of Timelessness, Cuteness, Funness and whether or not it's obviously from Target - suggestions for other criteria welcome!
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