Neiman Marcus is known for its expensive merchandise, hence the nickname "Needless Markup." But the stuff in the new "Just Kidding" catalog has to be seen to be believed: A $100 sequined jacket! A $200 dress! A $300 faux-fur coat! For children. $140 Burberry rain boots and a sleigh bed/duvet/pillow ensemble that costs more than your rent, after the jump.

Here are the $108 and $110 sequined jackets. Cute! And that dress with the white lady on it that the black girl is wearing? $238. Props for ethnic diversity, though.

Hahah, OMG, being rich is so fun! The one on the right? Her shirt says, "My dog for President." Drill, baby, drill. That jacket is $328. The jeans are $98. My jeans are 48 bucks but my mom didn't buy them for me.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Juicy Couture is neither juicy nor couture. This little pink dress is $128. The cat is not included.

I did not know that there was Juicy Couture for infants. I thought it was just for pre-teens and the soccer moms who dress like them. You learn something new every day.

This bed belonging to "Emily" features a duvet cover ringing up at $615. A twin dust skirt? $430. Each sham is about $130. The "boudoir" pillow in velour with faux leather pocket and buckle detail costs $210. This sleigh bed, in full size, is $1,159. Emily gets over when the tooth fairy comes, no doubt.

Marc Jacobs! For children! That little red dress is $231; the boots are $312. The dog is all, "WTF?"

Pennies from heaven? How about dollars from Daddy? He makes it rain! Why else would a child need a $385 Burberry raincoat?

Aww, sorry, honey, I think he might be Le Gay.