Mother Theresa could have saved herself so much time if she'd just learned that the trick to saving the world is just to sign up a few celebrities, get them to doodle on an American Apparel tee, and sell the result for charity! Lately, this rather labor unintensive mode of giving back has been running rampant, with celebrities lined up to draw stick figures like five-year-olds at a birthday party waiting to decorate their own cupcakes. Of course, within this spectrum is a wide range of commitment (and skill) levels, ranging from the truly half-assed to the off-puttingly earnest. Which is all very laudable. And then, apparently, people buy them: Bono and, most recently, Elettra Weidemann, have enlisted loads of celebs for their respective tee initiatives and when the one-offs go up for auction, they always bring in the big bucks. After all, who wouldn't want a Billy Baldwin original? Hundreds of seconds of compassion and effort - with accompanying captions, naturally - after the jump.
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