Ready for autumn? J. Crew's September catalog lures shoppers with bright sweaters, dark tights and wistfully messy hair. Everything looks romantic shot against the cobblestoned background of Prague, and I'm totally falling (heh) for pretty much everything on every damn page, including the kids. Shimmering skirts, silky blouses and a mob of moppets, after the jump.

I love cardigans. Love them! Sometimes I shy away from yellow because I'm not sure it can be worn with black without being all bumble-bee-ish. But this works! And it want it. Featherweight merino sweater, $88; abstract rose-print dress, $165.

Sometimes a girl in a tie is too "Hi, my name is Marcy, may I take your order?" But this is just added interest. And! The tights! Unexpected color, so chic. Boatneck city tee, $35; felted wool mini, $98.

Another cardigan. But with rust-colored corduroys, and not in a third grade way. Lydia blouse, $88; stretch vintage matchstick cord, $$79.50; Serengeti midheels, $175.

Pout! This is how I want to dress. Like I am a pulled-together adult woman with a job. Instead, I lean towards muumuus and track pants. I just decided, this very minute, that I need a blouse. Isabel blouse, $88; seaside wave locket, $55; serge pencil skirt, $128.

Okay, never mind. This is how I want to dress. Casual elegance. Easy sophistication. Half uptown, half downtown. Haha, who am I kidding? I like kitsch and platforms and drama. But a girl can dream… Sequined chiffon-ruffled cardigan, $110; slim stretch shirt, $59.50; distressed vintage slim jean, $135.

Gorgeous! Note to self: Play with tones and textures, pair shiny with nubby/matte. Covet those dotty little heels. Wool-cashmere shawl-collar cardigan, $145; cotton-silk lawn twisted-placket shirt, $68; trixie heels, $248; sharkskin skirt, $165.

Another tie. I think we can agree that Avril Lavigne does not own this look, that we can take it back. Am I wrong? I just think this looks sharp. I love an ensemble with a little wink, a little something that makes it different and unique. But even without the shirt and tie, this dress is great: Versatile and plain old cute. Dream Silvie dress, $138.

You guys, I don't even like kids. Not really, anyway. I mean I used to, but then I spent so many years babysitting I got kind of burned out. But this! This is just… Sigh.

Gah. My ovaries!

Oh! Well! Hello there! I'd like to place an order for delivery… [J. Crew]