Last night's Project Runway started on a high-larious note, when Kenley said she was sad that Daniel was gone because he was her "best friend." Honey, you laughed him off the runway! On to the challenge: Cars, aka product placement HELL. Fat little Saturn hybrids were stuffed with car parts and the designers had to create "innovative" garments from carburetors and seat belts. Raise your hand if you'd rather just sit through additional commercials. This crap has zero effect on my vehicular buying habits, marketing people. Zero! Anyway, I laughed when Terri was like, "I don't have a blow torch." I also laughed when Jerrell said of Terri: "She has 2 faces and 4 patterns. Don't trust the bitch." But the high(low)light of the episode was when Keith The Gay Mormon had a total meltdown. It started in the sewing room; he got agitated at a machine. Then he snapped at a model. Then, during the runway critique, it all came crashing down. Clip above, and all the ensembles from the runway, after the jump.

Terri's outfit: Inspired by Stella?

Stella's outfit: Inspired by a Ramones tea party? It was funny when Michael Kors said, "This does look a little random," and Stella said, "Thank you."

Special guest judge and rumored gelfling Rachel Zoe (again: product placement HELL! She has a new show on Bravo) really really wanted Korto's elegant seat belt coat. How come Korto always looks so depressed on the runway?

Kenley's handmade zebra print kept her safe, despite the fact that her model dropped out at the last minute (this is a replacement model, heh).

The judges really loved Jerrell's bustier, which was made from car seats turned inside out to the suede side and dashboard panels. It reminded me of the Thierry Mugler motorcycle bustier seen in George Michael's 1992 video "Too Funky". Which is to say: I liked it.

There was a moment in this episode when Suede said, "I have blisters from sewing rubber." He totally forgot to call himself Suede! Therefore I can admit that I love this flashy little party dress. Perfect for New Year's Eve!

Joe's motocross mini: Meh.

Despite making an ill-fitting dress embellished by a broken mirror that Heidi Klum swears will give him "seven years no sex," Blayne lives to licious another day. Sigh.

Leanne was the winner of the challenge with this Balenciaga-esque frock. Rachel Zoe thought Leanne could take the dress "straight to Paris."

Is Keith The Gay Mormon frustrated because he's gay and Mormon? Because he can't get out of Utah? His crying jag at the end of the ep was truly painful. But clearly he's got issues. Did you hear him talk to his model? "Did you sit down? Did you sit down? I knew you were gonna sit down." Keith was auf'd for this hideosity, which was much, much worse from the back. But he was probably also eliminated because he's so frustrated. Good luck, Keith. Project Runway Season 5 [Bravo]