Del Martin, a lesbian activist and a founder of the nation's first outspoken lesbian advocacy group — the Daughters of Bilitis — passed away this morning at the age of 85. Martin was also one of the first same-sex couples to get married in California. More on Ms. Martin tomorrow. • There's a legal loophole in Australia in which women who abort late-term fetuses are still eligible to receive a "baby bonus" reward from the government. • The differences between the way women and their bodies are represented on the old and new versions of 90210 reveal how our standards for "ideal" female bodies have changed. • How did minority characters and actors make out through the summer blockbusters? Uh, not too great. •• St. Stanislaus College, a Catholic boarding school in Australia, is being investigated for new claims of abuse in late-night prayer sessions and a teacher's (supposed) recommendation that boys read Penthouse. • Ad Age's Marti Barletta urges marketers and advertisers to create a "new normal" for women that is not ultra-thin in advertising to start cycling out our culture's obsession with thinness. • Are more women accepting of experiencing pain during a natural childbirth than doctors? • Adventures in obvious studies: Working moms are spending 15 hours a day working at a job and taking care of household work and errands. Doesn't that number seem a little low? • Ron Jeremy on being a pin up for Playgirl: "[The magazine] likes to think that their audience is mostly women, but no, no, the majority is gay." • Kids spend a mere 24 minutes doing chores these days because they are spending more of their time studying and participating in youth groups. • After watching a TV show in Saudi Arabia where brothers viewed their sisters as being treated like "princesses" because they aren't allowed to drive, a Saudi blogger sounds off on the restrictions that women face when not allowed to drive.