Judy Blume was on Today during the Yenta Hour with Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning. I don't think either of these two have ever read a Judy Blume book in their lives, because they asked her if she's had to change her writing style to accommodate the "racier" teens of today. As far as YA novels go, can it get racier than Forever, or Then Again, Maybe I Won't? (No, unless you're reading V.C. Andrews.) Blume's books were ahead of their time when they were first published, and they still feel fairly advanced now, considering this whole "abstinence only" thing. Anyway, true to form, Judy is just as progressive about her thoughts on the internet as she is about sex. Instead of taking the typical "the internet is ruining literacy" stance, she instead approaches the matter logically: You have to be able to read in order to read the internet.