The story circulating about a teenage girl in Baghdad found with an explosives vest strapped to her body is disturbing on many levels: She is indicative of the rise of suicide bombings by women in Iraq. MSNBC reports that the number of female bombers has tripled from 8 in 2007 to 29 this year, according to U.S. military officials. (Many Iraqi women wear long robes, ideal for covering bombs, and Iraqi policemen hesitate to pat them down at checkpoints.) In this case, the teen — who was born in 1993, making her 14 or 15 — was wearing a vest packed with 33 pounds of explosives. She told police the vest was put on her by female relatives of her husband, whom she married five months ago. Police also say she may have been drugged. Maybe to calm her as she walked toward certain death? [MSNBC]