Olympic pole vaulter Jenn Stuczynski isn't bothered by coach Rick Suhr chewing her out on camera after winning a silver medal, but she is upset by the public's reaction. On Saturday, Stuczynski defended her coach, explaining that the cameras didn't capture her asking Suhr what she'd done wrong, the fact that he was screaming over 91,000 fans, or their celebration afterwards. "I don't ask for him to be a cheerleader," Stuczynski said. "I don't want him to carry pompoms and tell me I'm great when I'm not. That's not the athlete I want to be. I don't want the constant stroking of my ego. I want someone to be honest and fair. That wasn't an attack, it wasn't even criticism. It was the facts. That's the way I took it." She added, "I'm 26 years old. I can think for myself. I'm a strong girl. My parents raised me to be strong and I was not even remotely sad that night." [The Buffalo News]