Last night, the cast of Gossip Girl kicked off the show's second season with a fete at chi-chi emporium Henri Bendel (with YSL Beaute) on Fifth Avenue. And look how much fun they had! Although Blake was MIA (boo!) as was Penn (double boo!), Leighton, Taylor, Jessica and Kelly did everyone's favorite guilty pleasure proud. The Good, The Bad, and The Anna Sui - after the jump!

Leighton Meester looks eerily perfect 99.9% of the time. At 21, less. She even manages to make a balloon hem feel understated.

Sometimes it seems like this whole cast has gone weirdly method - or at least like the costume department also dresses them in real life. Cause Kelly Rutherford could just as easily be wearing this elegant LBD as her haughty Upper East Side alter ego, no?

Case in point: Jessica Szohr . This is so Vanessa Abrams! Vaguely boho but ultimately restrained. Gotta say - we're all about choice, but missing the curls, Jess.
The Bad:

I spent a long time trying to decide what Dreama Walker's feather vest reminded me of. I came to the conclusion it was "ugly." I'm sorry, that was ungenerous.

Taylor Momsen is a freshman in high school, even if it's just TV high school and she really has a tutor. My point is: she is too young to be channeling Nancy Spungen. When Sandy did this in Grease, nb, she was actually like 30.

There is no point in belaboring our feelings about the "iconic bandage dress." And no one's saying Nicole Fiscella doesn't do everything that can be done for it - just imagine how gorgeous she'd be in something else!
The Anna Sui:

Imagine anyone else in this. Exactly. But Anna Sui is a law unto herself - or at least a category.

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