They've tantalized us for weeks with their cliched premise and hackneyed dialogue, with their snippets of the Bunny's sexpot idiot-savant sagacity and hints at the sorority girls' ultimate triumph over vague adversities. And here it is: the movie you may have thought had already come and gone, Legally Blonde lite - The House Bunny! This comedic masterpiece premiered last night at Mann Village Theatre in in Westwood, California. Rumer and 'rents, Malin Akerman, playmates, and various starlets bibbed and tuckered up with predictably Good, Bad and Ugly results. A red carpet worthy of its subject - after the jump!

The Good:

Rumer Willis looks elegant, yes. But the girl is 20, people! She should be doing fun fashion!

Not gonna lie to you: don't love the whole Leger bandage dress thing. But Kiely Williams' iteration is one of the better ones.

This is a "don't try this at home" moment; Malin Akerman makes this work, but few could.

Vail Bloom : trendy done nicely. Every component of this will look dated in two days.
The Bad:

If we went on Project Runway this is how every single one of our dresses would look, because we can't sketch or sew. I mean, the one dress we'd make before we got kicked off for doing something as ill-fitting, confining and unflattering as Katharine McPhee's.

Here's the thing: when you have breasts, there are certain trade-offs. One of the first ones is not being able to wear insubstantial asymmetrical silk cocktail dresses. Dana Goodman is not keeping up her part of the bargain.

Emmanuelle Chriqui: Please don't buy eveningwear from Forever21.

I said, please don't buy eveningwear from Forever21! God! It's like they're not even listening to a stranger commenting on their clothes a full day after they've already worn them! Jenna Dewan.

Kat Dennings's dress is cute, but it's too much for her small frame, and the neck is unflatteringly high.
The Ugly:

Adrienne Bailon's leopard tent was a mere "Bad" before I noticed the cleavage action.

I understand that as Hef's main girlfriend, Holly Madison has a certain responsibility to represent at all times. Well played, madam.

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