Yesterday we saw the best and the worst of two International Male catalogs from the summer of 1986, but there's one more flea market find I had to share with you guys: The 1986 Holiday catalog. Can't you tell from the tuxedo shirt and saxophone on the cover that untold treasures lie inside? Fringed leather jackets! Ski jeans! Kim Cattrall! Half-naked underaged indigenous-looking boys in loincloths. Wait, what??? All this and more, after the jump.

Yeah, that's right. Uptown. Where purple and pink are hot. Where a satin big shirt is cool. Where drugs are necessary.

The Publisher's Choice: Is that Colin Farrell?

"Dude, should I wear my Avanti slacks with The Vercelli, the Griffin sweater, or both?"

S351 looks suspiciously like a throw from my mom's couch.

Note the utter lack of irony in that man's face as he models that Vaquero Jacket. Fringe is his friend.

It wasn't just in Better Off Dead. I went to prep school in the '80s. Stuff like this really happened.

My mind keeps whispering, "You mean foreign lesion. From sketchy sex."

Memo To Chuck Bass: Step it up.

Wait a second: Is that Kim Cattrall?

Is it??????

There's nothing like an intense workout! Especially when it involves wearing shimmering spandex and getting a grip on another dude. Feel the burn!

Ahem. What do you think would happen if I called right now and tried to order this item right out of 1986? Seriously. I need to know.

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