It seems somehow tragically appropriate that CosmoGirl should have something to do with last night's screening of The House Bunny at New York's Joseph Urban Theatre. It is, after all, the stirring tale of a Playmate becoming house mother to a group of college-age frumps and bringing out their inner fun, fearless females by means of various image-based degradations. Which made it all the more pleasantly surprising, then, that the looks on display were pretty...well...unobjectionable. No skin-tight satin, no pants-forgetting, just Rumer Willis and a few other starlets in varying degrees of okay! After the jump.
The Good:

I know, right? It's hard not to be a Rumer Willis skeptic, and inquiring minds could probably ask why she's dressed like she's going to a debutante ball somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon, but she looks pretty!

The jury was out until the very last second on Katherine McPhee's blouse, but overall the silhouette works.

This month's Nylon cites Morticia Addams as a style icon (in fairness it also cites Mrs. Roeper and the kid from Silver Spoons but whatever.) Apparently Monet Mazur read this, too.
The Bad:

Doesn't Emma Stone look like Michelle Monaghan's little sister? The lace inserts take this frock into "Bad."

Jessica Szohr's look seems to walk an uncomfortable line between thrown-on denim and dressed-up evening denim.

If you look at Anna Faris' dress from a number of angles, you see that the bodice kind of stands away from the body in a way that's perhaps intended to be architectural but is kind of like the part of Circle of Friends where Benny/Minnie Driver says, "Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I look like the prow of a ship!"
The Ugly:

It's nice that Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso of the Veronicas are so close. Although maybe a little distance would be useful, sartorially speaking.

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