Happy Monday, friends, and welcome to last night's Alma Awards, the "Latino Entertainment Honors," at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. What a red carpet! A time warpy Paula Abdul (left), a freakishly fit Jessica Alba, a helmet-haired Eva Longoria-Parker and hundreds more brought us one of the widest good-bad spectrums we've seen in a long time, with "Grecian Sacrifice" and "Poured-on Satin" warring for evening's top trend. The, Good, the Bad, the Ugly, post-jump!

The Good:

Um, didn't Jessica Alba have a baby about two seconds ago? Hollywood is messed up. But this gown is indeed lovely.

Actress Anjelah N. Johnson's turquoise sheath is Grecian done right.

America Ferrera's black and white is fun and flirty and a nice break from all the Mount Olympus stuff on the red carpet.

And...Selena Gomez takes us BACK to ancient Greece. It's also not lost on us that Disney's latest It Girl is in virginal white. But she does look lovely.

Dania Ramirez's posturing is a bit distracting, but you can still tell that she looks like a classic bombshell.

Actress Roselynn Sanchez looks fresh and cute in a puffball.
The Bad:

Q'orianka Kilcher's "Frida Goes to Studio 54" ensemble is confusing, ill-judged.

Eva Longoria-Parker's dress is bad on its own terms, but the helmet hair is the final nail in the coffin.

Singer Lucero's dramatic gown would be awesome if this were the Ziegfeld Follies circa 1918.

Note to world: This D&G dress is ugly. Please stop wearing it. Yes, Maria Canals-Barrera, we're looking at you.

Carly Enriquez goes for waay too much pouf and ruffle on a small frame.

Actress Natalie Pena is sporting one of the ugliest prints ever seen.

And if painted-on satin is your poison, here's Scarlet Ortiz

...and Myra

...and Cheryl Burke!
The Ugly:

Actress Christina deRosa pretty much stomped away with this category.

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