The paparazzi must have been absolutely beside themselves last night with so much prey under one roof - specifically that of West Hollywood's brand new Apple Lounge. Between the sisters Hilton and Wapphic twosomes LoRo (I am really behind the New York Post in their attempts to make this admittedly labored bit of cute shorthand stick) and Tila Tequila-Courtenay Semel, to say nothing of various starlets and visionary Robin Antin, it must have been a virtual Sophie's Choice. How'd they look, you say? Well, pretty much as you'd expect. Which is to say, plenty of shrink-wrapping, minimal trou, and cleavage as far as the eye can see. It was another one of these cases where there was really no point to "Goods" and "Bads" because it's all like some sci-fi parallel universe where normal standards don't really apply and if you tried to live by the rules of your own culture you'd go mad. Happy Friday, after the jump!

I don't adore actress Sara Paxton dress-shoe combo, but she looks like a model of chic restraint in this crew.

Christina Milian's another one who's really benefiting from the curved grading here: under normal circumstances, I don't know how many point I could have awarded what resembles a plastic belt. But hey, next to the Hiltons? Audrey Hepburn!

Courtenay Semel was on Filthy Rich Cattle Drive, so I'm assuming she didn't actually get this ensemble at Forever21.

Laura Prepon looks like a normal person (even though I miss her red hair like a lost limb.) Major points for this.

Actress Lauren C. Mayhew is admittedly suffering from the fact that this sort of gratuitous millinery hijinx is a bete noire of mine.

Tila in girlish mode.

Visionary Robin Antin actually looks less strange here than she often does. Which is not to say she doesn't look strange, in a visionary sort of way.

Nicky Hilton paints on horizontal stripes. Which, it's true, don't seem to add any bulk, but still manage to look bad!

Paris Hilton continues her campaign to render black the new hot pink.

LiLo's pants are looking healthier than usual; the shirt, however, has lost a few inches to compensate.

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