The premiere for the indie film In Search Of A Midnight Kiss at L.A.'s Orpheum Theatre was part of the first Downtown Film Festival. (Yes, they call it "first annual" but I just can't bring myself to write that anymore.) And I thought people looked pretty good! Well, with the exception of one really creepy pair of twins, that is. Bijou Phillips, Lake Bell, Twink "Miss Geist" Kaplan, and more... after the jump.

The Good:

I went through a phase of really resenting Bijou Phillips - I guess in high school. But I think we've both mellowed since then. I can now admit she looks awesome, and she can continue to be unaware of my existence, and everyone's happy.

There are a lot of circumstances in which I'd loathe Whitney Able's bodice. Okay, maybe every circumstance but this one: I think the understatement of the rest of the gown, a modest chest make it work. But don't try this at home!

I like so much of what actress Lake Bell is doing here. Sure, it's a bit Lucky - but aren't we all, in our hearts?

Actress Sara Simmonds: no fireworks, but cute!

Okay, intellectually (huh? I don't know) this bores me a bit , but Katie Luong's belt makes me think she knows her stuff.
The Bad:

Producer Roxanne Messina Captor's dress has the unfortunate effect of looking like she's wearing a bra with highly visible straps. Also, not feeling the court shoes.

Twink Kaplan retains a place in all our hearts for playing adorably frumpy Miss Geist in Clueless - and she had a good bit to do with the movie's production, too. But Michael Kors will not be denied: "satin should look like no human hands have touched it. This looks like twenty pairs of hands touched it." (Paraphrased.)
The Creepy:

So last night Jessica and I were IMing as we both watched synchronized diving, and one of us was like, "it looks cool, but why?" If we remove the first part of that clause, it applies to Janelle and Jalynne Dantzscher here.

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