First of all, let it be known that we get hundreds of emails a day. And many of them contain "tips" about that site You know, the one with Liz Smith and Peggy Noonan and other ladies of a certain age? Anyway, we have a theory that the "tipsters" are not really Jezebel readers but PR people posing as Jezebel readers. They have last names like Lagerfeld, Faulkner and Broadwater. But! Today we got a tip that we actually liked: A slideshow called "Our Refrigerators." And! The interior of Liz Smith's fridge! Contents: Gin and watermelon. Oh, and Snickers. Liz, I love you. The only better fridge on the list? Literary agent Joni Evans:

Joni Evans's explanation: "Some say I have a drinking problem." The other ladies of WowOWow have interesting refrigerators — there's a true "ice box" and Mary Wells has Sub-Zeroes on her yacht, called Strangelove, which caused my brain to explode from jealousy and recession fatigue. Naturally, we had to share our refrigerator pictures with you. Anna's refrigerator:

Anna swears: "A lot of it is old stuff." Maria's fridge:

Maria says: "Keep in mind that any all dairy products in there are about 3 months old. I really need to clean it out." Megan's refrigerator:

"That on the bottom is yogurt, bacon, and prosciutto," Megan claims. Jessica's fridge:

"My dude just did a major food shop. He got the rotisserie chicken just for me, because I am obsessed with rotisserie chicken. Tracie said I'm like Brittany Murphy's character in Girl, Interrupted. There's also blueberries and a lot of champagne that our upstairs neighbors bequeathed to us when they moved," Jess says. Tracie's:

Another view:

She explains: "I keep a lot of drinks in the house because I'm always dehydrated and I don't like water. Juice tastes better when you're hung over." This is my refrigerator; I had to move clothes in order to open it:

Home made ice tea with the bags festering on the bottom. Water, tonic. Champagne. Spilled baking soda. Dog food, for the chihuahua I currently have custody of. wOw Scenes: Our Refrigerators [] Earlier: What Does Your Desk Look Like?