The other day, a certain mailbox contained both the Athleta and Victoria's Secret catalogs. These companies sell very similar products — that is, swimwear, workout and casual clothes for women — but they have very different approaches. An analysis, after the jump.

These are a few "casual" ensembles by Victoria's Secret. Cleavage is a focus in half of them, while the green number on the far right seems designed for immobility.

How Athleta does "casual": This woman is ready to walk Barcelona, hike Machu Picchu or have a glass of rosé in Rome. (A wee drab but functional.)

Vicky's workout routine: Pose like you know he's watching.

Athleta's workout routine: (Yoga) Pose like you know what you're doing.

Victoria's Secret swimwear: Barely covers the breasts; designed to expose. Note how the ladies do not get wet but just hover near the water.

Athleta's swimwear: Designed to fit. Infers that a woman can actually enter the ocean in the garments.

Another swimsuit shot: Vicky's ladies enter the water. Wearing sunglasses and bangles. But they still offer to thrust their breasts in your face and maybe even take off their bikini bottoms.

Another Athleta swimsuit shot: These women are too busy having fun to give a shit about you. [Athleta] [Victoria's Secret]