Each week, Mad Men has been killing me softly with its wardrobe and set design. That era of early to mid-'60s is undeniably attractive, particularly all the Eames-style furnishings and wall art. But it's the waist-cinching, curve hugging dresses that really get me. They only further prove my point that tent dresses are rags from hell. Could you imagine how those frocks would evaporate any and all of the vampy, sexiness Joan Holloway is dripping with? Anyway, I've been well aware since first viewing this show that it makes me want a cigarette in the worst -but most delightful-way. (Which kinda defeats the purpose of the Welbutrin I've been taking.) However, this week's episode really drove home for me how much Mad Men makes me want to spend my money on a whole new wardrobe and decor. The fact that it's a show about advertising makes it so meta. After the jump, stills from the most coveted possessions on this week's episode.
Let's start with my new obsession: Betty's equestrian style. It makes me regret that I have nothing saved from my horseback riding days, because I've spent upwards of 3 hours (that's not an exaggeration) on equestrian clothing sites and realized that building this look will probably cost me about $800. Howevs, I'm totally getting one of her shirts. But I would kill for this bag:

And her winter coat goes so perfectly with all of it:

As do those gloves:

And speaking of gloves, I think it's about time that we bring back opera gloves and costume jewelry.

The accompanying dress was also awesome. Other than New Year's and maybe Halloween, I can't think of an occasion to wear those where I wouldn't look like a total tool, though. Oh, and dresses! Peggy's was adorbz:

And duh, Joan's ruled, too. Now I'm thinking about investing in some serious foundation garments this fall:

Now, on to set design. Obvs this shelf is choice:

I dug this blond wood headboard:

And the matching lamps on the nightstands:

Now I need multiple silk pillows with large buttons:

And for some reason I was really drawn to this stupid framed art of a metal dog:

I also wouldn't mind a globe in my house. I suck at geography, so it would actually serve a dual purpose. I imagine that Betty went all out to make Don's office cozy and official. And smoked the whole time. Christ, I wish I could look that glamorous while chain smoking. Instead, I'm in a muumuu and my hair and face are competing for the Greasiest Surface in Brooklyn award.

Lastly, Roger Sterling's office is all kinds of awesome. I want to have that wall art.

And I wouldn't mind having him, either.