As we all know, Vicky Cristina Barcelona features Woody Allen's dirty old man sapphic fantasy pairing of Scarlett Johannson and Penelope Cruz (and didn't I read that there's a threesome with Javier Bardem in there, too?). But however unappealing the thought of his directing said sex scenes, the casting of such actresses pretty much guarantees some good red carpet looks. In fact, the whole assemblage - which also included Salma Hayek, Debi Mazar and, awesomely, astronaut Buzz Aldrin - looked pretty damn good; I wouldn't even say there were any true "Bads"! Well, unless you count the flick. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, after the jump.
The Good:

Penelope Cruz, depressingly flawless as usual. I love her in simple shapes like this.

Say what you will about ScarJo, she can really do sophisticated without ever going too old. Plus, do brights really well. This gown = stunning.

Sara Rue was on that show Less Than Perfect, which seemed to be your generic not-funny sit-com with this annoying, self-conscious "look! she's not a waif!" premise which, not shockingly, failed to redeem it. But she looks gorgeous in this LBD.

Buzz and Lois Aldrin. Do I automatically put anyone over 80 in "Good," as has been suggested? Maybe. But come on, they look really sharp!

Not my very favorite look on Salma - it's a lot of bulk for someone with her curves, especially jabot-wise. But let's face it, she'd look stunning in a sack and she still looks amazing here. Slightly Less Good:

I'm just so sick of the whole Gaultier bra-breast-outline thing which, without novelty (which it hasn't had for like 15 years) is just kind of ugly and gratuitous. Sorry, actress Krysten Ritter.

Debi Mazar's frock has some frumpy tendencies.

As we know, I love me a good LBD. But I do feel the proportions of Rebecca Hall's are slightly off - or at any rate, that only a different and much higher shoe could have carried off this hem length in combo with the bateau.

In general I just have my doubts about the wisdom of the empire mini - it's a bit more trouble than it's worth with its babydoll leanings and I'll be just as glad when its fifteen minutes is up. Elisabeth Rohm works the celadon, though.

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