One of the most depressing memes of the end of the Clinton campaign is the idea that it would be an insult to Hillary Clinton, Women and Feminism for Obama to consider asking another woman (like Kathleen Sebelius, pictured) to be his Vice President. As the "thinking" goes, because Clinton came in second in the Democratic primary, she is the sole woman in all of America qualified to be the next Vice President of the United States, and any other woman chosen to be on Obama's ticket would be chosen solely on the basis of her chromosomal appeal and not on her own merits as a politician and a running mate. Hey, who needs sexists in the media when we've got them here at home!I mean, come on, really? Hillraiser Allida Black says, "Governor Sebelius, while a good leader for Kansas, is not, in any way, an acceptable substitute for Senator Clinton," as though the VP slot is somehow rightfully Clinton's. PUMA co-founder Will Bower asks, "why would he discard her for another woman vice president; that would be insulting," as though gender is the key thing about whomever Obama would pick. Bill Clinton's former special counsel Lanny Davis says, "If anyone thinks that picking a woman will simply placate Hillary Clinton's female supporters, I think that's very patronizing to women and I don't think that that either Governor Sebelius or Senator McCaskill would disagree," as though the very idea that there might be another qualified woman in the ENTIRE country to be Vice President is just completely absurd. When was the last female Vice President again? Oh, right, we've never had one. Only one woman in the history of the United States has ever been nominated — Geraldine Ferraro, my former feminist heroine. And although Hillary Clinton was the first woman to ever roll the ball so far up the Presidential nominating Hill and she gave that glass ceiling 18 million cracks, it doesn't mean she's the best person for the Vice Presidency under Obama. (Yes, I know the JFK-LBJ story, thanks, but this isn't exactly 1960.) She and Obama had serious disagreements on the campaign trail, they have obviously different governing philosophies and they've never appeared to get along all that great in the Senate. (Obama, you might have noticed, tends to surround himself with people that he gets along with and who buy into his political philosophy, so Clinton was always a long shot even before her supporters decided to try to lobby the media to get her on the ticket in a way many Democrats have found unseemly.) But, the larger point is: if Obama picks a woman (like Kathleen Sebelius), intimating that he's doing so to "placate" women or to snub Hillary Clinton is sexist at its core. It's been eight weeks since Clinton exited the race, and eight weeks that he and Michelle and the whole campaign have been reaching out to Clinton supporters in a variety of ways. If he's still considering Sebelius or Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, it's because he and his vetting team think that they are qualified enough to go up against the likes of Virginia Governor Tim Kaine or Delaware Senator Joe Biden in the Democratic Veepstakes — let alone Florida Governor Charlie Crist or Mitt Romney or even former HP CEO Carly Fiorina in the general election. And that's a kick-ass thing, for two women to be shortlisted in addition to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic spot. If a woman gets nominated for the Vice Presidency, she'll be the second woman to ever punch through that glass ceiling, and it's a punch that supposed feminists ought to be cheering about, even if it's not the exact result they initially wanted. 'Dream Ticket' Meets Reality: Obama Looks Beyond Clinton [ABC News] Is Barack Cheating On Hillary? [Salon]