Last night, Mariah Carey appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live for an interview and extended performance of a few songs off her album E=MC². You can't really tell in this clip, but if you saw the segment in HD then you know how insane her makeup looked: The super-pink blush was more under her eyes than on her cheeks (she kind of looked like an anime character) but, seeing as how much she loves Hello Kitty, that might have been the look she was going for. Jimmy asked about Mimi's nuptials to Nick Cannon and the couple's new tattoos (Nick has a giant "Mariah" across his entire back; Mariah got a tattoo of "Nicholas" in what looks to be 7-point font). Then, without any trace of sarcasm, Mimi told Jimmy to quit making fun of her because she showed up "on time and everything" for the interview. LOVE. HER.