Pineapple Express is one of those movies everyone is excited about, including me, and I'm not really sure why. Is it cause we're psyched about the Freaks and Geeks reunion that is Rogen and Franco? Whatever the reason, there was a super-good turnout for last night's premiere at the Mann Village Theatre in L.A. We're talking Kanye West, Amanda Peet, Alicia Silverstone, as well as the usual Apatow crew. Did most of them look like ass? Yes. Do we totally wish we'd been there? So much. The Good, the Bad, the Envy, after the jump.

The Good:

Am I featuring Perrey Reeves because her dress reminds me slightly of the Leanne from this week's Project Runway that totally should have won? Maybe.

Leslie Mann (aka Apatow's wife)'s hair is looking slightly Joni Mitchell for my taste, but I like the dress.

Actress Emma Stone looks lovely, eerily like Michelle Monaghan.
The Bad:

I hated hankerchief-hem dresses like Adrianne Curry's even when they were au courant.

It's hard to say whether I might have liked Elizabeth Banks' frock had she not worn a sports bra under it.

We're assuming this is Rogen's real-person screenwriter girlfriend Lauren Miller, which we're all about. It would be really nice if we hadn't had to consign her to "Bad" on grounds of frump, overly matchy accessories!

Sue me, Kanye. I just don't think your collars are working.

Clearly Marcela Mar and I don't share an aesthetic, so I almost don't know what to say here. Nice...abs?

Lizzy Kaplan's pinafore/leggings combo is sendin' me some bad high school Fall 07 vibes. Not that I was in high school, but you know what I mean.

Hard to know what to do with Alicia Silverstone here, cause it's not really bad per se. It's certainly not good, but for her it's not bad. It's just kinda half-assed. And who doesn't still love her for unclear reasons?

Shiri Appleby. We could forgive the suspenders. We could forgive the shirt. But both? You ask too much.
The Ugly:

Amanda Peet. W. T. Fuck.

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