Tom Perrotta, a Senior Editor for Tennis Magazine and a tennis critic for The New York Sun laments that there are no female tennis players in the Roger's Cup this week that are worthy of the No. 1 spot. While the Roger's Cup is comprised of "the best of the women's tour" (without the Williams sisters) Perrotta feels that none of the women who are up for the top spot (Jelena Jankovic and Ana Ivanovic) are really that great of players. He feels that the competition essentially boils down to " who plays less badly, who can underachieve the least." Nice! So, what do you think Jezebel tennis fans? Are these two women really that bad? Do they only seem so horrible because they are being compared to male tennis stars that get more attention and sponsorship? Is the Roger's Cup really that important in deciding who is the top female tennis player? [NY Sun]